Hello, Hi, Good Afternoon :)

I'm Maciek (Maciek R4 for friends) from Gregor's post and I'll go with Him on my R4 F6...with me will ride a Medical Rescuer (my future wife - next year we will get married) - so the Medic Help is guaranted :)

that's list of "stuff" comes from my R4 trip to northern Norway - it's a lot of gadgets, but they're very helpfu if you will have some problems with car (I know that from that trip)

Maybe, Gregor forgot...there is the map (it's not ideal, but I can only write down the roads on computer map)

I sugest, that R4 with C1E engine needs about 4 fuel tanks or LPG tanks...someone know witch LPG system is available in SK -> Italian (I) or Nederlad (NL)??? (I've Italian)

also I've an idea about Your visas -> when I can walk normal (after R4 road accident) I'll go to the Slovakian Consul Office in Poland and I'll ask them about it (my idea & Your visas)

Greetings from Poland