Looking for C1E engine / whole R4...
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    Looking for C1E engine / whole R4...

    Can You tell me how much dose it cost in Your contry (in Poland I can't find any engine to R4) or that, what is better (cheaper) - buy only engine or buy complet R4 (can be not registered) (only with C1E engine) ???

    ...but only with frame in good condition and younger than 1985 :)

    I looking for it, because I've got some problems with starter, but maybe there are problems with engine too -> when I repair starter and test it by cables from battery, there all was OK (starter working good), but when I put starter in to engine, it only make "tic...tic..." by automat (bendix) and it haven't got power to run engine

    Greetngs from Poland

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    Renault 4 GTL
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    Re: Looking for C1E engine / whole R4...

    First, I don't understand what is C1E engine( i have R4 10 years),and i hope that other members won't kill me because of that
    In my country good r4 is very expensive, and in all other countries is cheaper.
    On the internet i saw many R4 i Slovenia, so my advice is to look on Slovenian site www.avto.net.There you can find good car for good price.With one call to seller u can deal with him about unregistering vechile, and everything else you want.

    I hope i helped and i'm sory if i talked too much!!

    !!!Greetings from Republika Srpska!!!

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    Re: Looking for C1E engine / whole R4...

    oh...sorry :)

    C1E engine is 1108ccm engine (C1E there are first 3 signs from engine label)

    and what about my R4 - propably, the problem comes from "+" cable (from battery to starter) - it can be in worst condition and not good to "electric travel" - I need to check it (I'll write about when I make that), but not now - I'm sick :(

    Greetings from Polad

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    Re: Looking for C1E engine / whole R4...

    i kick starter whit hammer (gently) and runs properly
    tri puta pilim. . . tri puta kratko. . .

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    Re: Looking for C1E engine / whole R4...

    All 688 engines is 1108ccm. I think that you can bought excelent engine for 200euro.

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